Through play, fantasy and drawing, the aim is to experiment with other ways of relating to image and space, as well as to explore my universe, through the work «Caja invisible de luz»(2023), which is part of the group exhibition «Desplaçaments voluntaris (i un espai comú)», at the Fundació Felicia Fuster. «Caja invisible de luz»(2023) a text projection exhibited in the exhibition, a piece through which I raise questions about the nature of human perception and speculate about light as a means of creating an image and space as a sensitive material. How the exposure time of light determines the materiality or the form that a photographic image takes, a notion appreciable in «Tiempo de luz» (2023) (a series of diptychs also present in the exhibition), this project proposes another interpretation of that materiality and the representation itself. If the darkness of the cosmos is composed by the presence of the light of the stars that cannot reach it because of the speed with which it moves, the principles on which the visible is based can also be understood from this paradox.
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