Photography: Laurel Tahust
Juliana Hoyos is an artist whose work involves a reflection on representation, language and experience, in direct relation to the nature of perception and a particular interest in exploring its limits, creation and the temporal and spatial poetics involved.
She explores images, the way they are created and the way we relate to them, approaching their materiality or their illusion, through techniques on paper such as experimentation with light, photography, painting and drawing, with effects that pivot between techniques, and where trace, movement and chance guide the performativity of the images.
Her approach to the technical processes is experimental and in conditions sensitive to surprises in order to question the margins of the language of art, as well as those of perception. To do so, she can dispense with the "image", using imagination and/or space to create representation, exposing parallels between fiction and reality. 
Sound emerges with the intention of accessing representation from more immersive logics, where the exploration of its nature, in direct relation to time/space, imprints the experiential.
The viewer's participation is an active part of the creation and experience of the works; the artist's purpose is to broaden the visual and sensory experience, to promote changes in perspective and closer ways of relating to the images and space; to awaken the imagination and curiosity.
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